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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

But what about the mystique?

I wish I could remember who linked me to the following story, because I would love to give them credit for finding it!

Why your secrets don't matter.

In summary, this story tells a tale about 2 bakers and their very different approaches to their craft.

Ever since I have been in business for myself, I have met all sorts of different personalities in this same trade.

More often than I'd like to admit, when I have met another "soaper" in person, they are more than willing to talk to me and they smile and explain what they do with so much passion. Sadly, the instant they find out that I also make soap they change...

One woman immediately became angry and loudly proclaimed that I didn't get up every morning and milk my own goats like she did. Another woman that I ran into at a craft show refused to speak to me. When I approached her booth to welcome her (she arrived on the 2nd day of a 2 day show) she turned her back to me and pretended to be busy with someone else. That woman then came to (the area of) my booth after I had to leave the building and stood far back from my display to scrutinize what I had but wouldn't speak or make eye contact with my helper.

At the last show I did, there was another soap booth right across from me. I was reasonably busy during the day so I didn't get to visit any other vendors till the end of the day. I noticed that this other "soap lady" would be looking at me when I would look up but then she would quickly look away. I remember thinking, "Not this again..."

When I got the time, I approached her anyways. She turned out to be one of the sweetest people ever!

In hindsight, I wonder if she thought I was going to be like the others also...

I absolutely love what I do. Every moment of every day, I'm thinking about soap. Even when I'm making jewelry, I'm thinking about soap! I have taught many of my friends how to make soap and even have an apprentice of sorts. I would absolutely welcome my neighbors into my home to teach them how to make soap too, but I don't think they really care as much as I do about it! I've had people message me about something I made and I explain to them how I did it!

I love what I do so much that I want every one else to be able to enjoy it just the same.

I can appreciate those out there that carefully guard their secret recipes that they've worked long and hard to figure out, but why treat everyone as though they are trying to steal something from you?

I get 80% of my inspiration from others! I'm so glad there are so many pioneers ahead of me, forging the way so that I can learn from them! Its because of this that I never forget that I was once new to this also, and I always try to make time to help someone who asks.

“I must correct you: I am not a perfectionist, I am a striver for excellence. Arnaud is making bread for Arnaud; I am making it for my people. I am seeking to please them, to delight them, to make them smile. And that is what they pay me for.”

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